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Welcome to the eFiat Wallet

Here you can manage your electronic wallet. eFiat is a system for facilitating account free money transfers and payments in a settlement free process of electronic money. The electronic money exists on a secure server with an identifiable ID and secure password. Ownership of money is determined by the possession of the identifiable ID and the password. When ownership of the money changes, the password must be changed. The password change occurs on the secure server and is executed through the wallet application.

When an electronic bill is transfered using the wallet application its password is automatically changed. Therefore, you cannot transfer the same electronic bill twice. After executing a payment you lose your legal rights to the transfered money.
With the wallet application you can check for incoming payments, see what is in your wallet, execute payments, change passwords for your electronic bills and exchange your bills (change the denomination of your bills).

Please use the menu to access the various functions of the wallet application.